Our Promise


…but you’re not a marketing specialist nor do you want to hire an expensive ad agency.

We created White Chair Advertising for you if you’re a small or medium-sized business that wants your advertising to be polished, professional and most important… EFFECTIVE.


Big time results & small time pricing.

If you let us create ads for you and you run those ads with a healthy frequency on a regular basis, your business will grow handsomely andconsistently. We are not an ad agency (and we don’t play one on tv) and we don’t do the buying for you, but we will help you with your media buying and give you useful recommendations. Oh, by the way, the invoice to you will be at least half of that of a big ad agency.

Here’s an example of what we would recommend:
Chose an audience and reach them with good frequency rather than try to reach everyone just a few times. Talk to 100 people 100 times rather than 10,000 people once.

Let’s say you are placing these ads in Good Morning America. Your ad should appear in front of that audience at least 3 times per week. Now let’s say there are 20,000 people watching GMA in your market on any given morning. You’ve now just reached 20,000 people 3x in one week. This solidifies you in their brains. Now… will all of them come see you? You’d better hope not. You can’t handle that much business. BUT let’s say just 1% of them come and see you within the next year, that’s 200 new customers.

Here’s the cool part…
The ads won’t have people banging your door down in the first week. In fact you will start to see results in about 90 days. After that, their effectiveness becomes exponential. In a nutshell, the longer you run the ads (we recommend a new one every month), the more effective they will become. Imagine a big spike (these ads) being driven into an oak board (people’s brains).

The longer your ads run, the more that spike gets driven into their brains. Did you ever try and pull a big spike out of an oak board? You’re more likely to break off the spike than extrude it…. Just like YOU in their brains. And then when the next event in their life occurs that relates to your business…. Viola! It’s YOU they come see.