what prevents local ads from being effective?

Too much information.

Most local ads try to cram far too much information in them.  They become a long list of features and services…none of which the audience remembers.

How do you effectively impact your audience?  …with emotionally driven advertising.

It’s a scientific fact that if you can take an event and link it to an emotion, it will burn into your mind and you will remember it. National ad agencies know this which is why their ads connect to emotion…humor, love, drama, fear, etc.

get what you pay for…

The airtime that you purchase from your local TV station or cable provider costs you the same no matter what you show on it.

So why not maximize the potential of your investment?

Most local production companies don’t have the equipment or experience necessary to produce ads with emotion, quality…depth. This creates the typical “local ad” dilemma that most small businesses face.

It’s time to break free and create your edge!

our customers are quickly seeing a huge change in their stores…

My NBC rep was blown away at the quality and production of the TV spots that you guys produced for us.  Overnight we looked better than the big boys and the message is personalized to match the personality of Garcia & Co. Jewelers.

As anyone that’s been doing this as long I have knows that is a tough combination to achieve.  Thanks for including me in the conceptual work on these and taking the time to get to know me and our company before you actually put anything together, this was very important.

We’ve been on 120 days now and we¹re seeing increases in new bridals prospects, especially the under 35 market, which has been a real battle for us due to the fact that we are the markets high-end, AGS, Rolex store.  ROI is kicking in and we expect the increases to continue.

We’ve always had a bitter-sweet opinion with our threshold barrier because we want to be known as the best.  The message of warmth, expertise, and approachability that we have always had as a company culture is perfectly represented in what you produced for us and gives us more opportunities make friends with folks that may have never come in our store, and that’s what it’s all about to us, making customers, not just making a sale.

Mark Garcia

Garcia & Co. Jewelers/Garcia Investments

Just wanted to let you know how happy and excited we are with our new television ads. We have had great response and numerous comments. The quality is excellent, much better than the local television stations could produce. The ads are edgy, but hit the emotions of the buyers and remind them of past buying experiences that might not have been so good. Makes them think! Great job!

James Mitchell

Cricket Box Jewelry

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I had the luxury of having business partners and friends that were willing to take risks and allow me to use my marketing skills to grow their businesses. The result was exponential growth in every case and friends began to ask me to help them do the same to their businesses. I love the art of film and video and have poured years of my life into using lenses and lights to create beautiful emotional pieces.  This experience has given me the unique ability to produce ads that speak to people’s hearts.